Gastric Banding

Click here for gastric band surgery offers

Click here for Gastric Band offers

Gastric Band Surgery

is in all probability accepted as being the most acceptable type of obesity surgery carried out around the World. gastric sleeve surgery in France You may want to explore gastric banding if you are overweight and haven’t been successful in losing weight through diet and exercise.


  • The procedure is laparoscopic or minimally invasive and outpatient. You are at the hospital for fewer than 24 hours.
  • Your surgeon makes a series of small incisions in your abdomen and places a LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System around the top of your stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch.
  • This gastric banding system is approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).
  • Once in place, the band helps you feel full and more in control of your hunger.
  • The LAP-BAND is inflatable and adjustable. During office visits, your physician can tighten and loosen it to reduce your general food intake.
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