Gastric Band Fitted in France

Gastric band surgery is the most customary sort of weight loss surgery performed in the western World. 

We offer almost certainly the lowest priced Lap Band cost available in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery.
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gastric band fitted

From an Interview in Paris, France –

In bed asleep, eating, in her underwear or even displaying her scars after weight loss surgery, photographer Jen Davis has always been as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it. But when Davis, 36, set out on a “journey of self discovery” to explore her own weight problem through a series of self-portraits, she discovered a side to herself she didn’t know existed. Just published in a book entitled “11 Years”, Davis came up with the idea in 2002 when she was a student. “I was at the beach on a spring break vacation. I guess I hadn’t been in a bathing suit for a while and there was this heightened sense of being very uncomfortable,” she told AFP in an interview in Paris. Davis began photographing herself in everyday situations, initially choosing images that were “safe and easy” such as hanging out her washing or having a meal with a friend. “I wasn’t thinking about an audience and I knew I didn’t have to show them to anyone, so it didn’t inhibit me from taking pictures that were hard to look at,” she said. Read more…   facebook like banner