Gastric band diet

Gastric band diet plans

Helen is a highly respected bariatric dietitian, who absolutely respects your knowledge to understand which foods are best to eat to lose weight. This is why her education program builds on this to teach you HOW to successfully manage the Lap Band to be able to eat the ideal foods pain and complication free to achieve your weight loss.  The dietary information will take you through each stage, from fluids post surgery, transitions onto solid food, recipe ideas, to long terms diet plans.
Irrespective of when you had Lap Band surgery the CORE information everyone needs to be aware of is the same. So if you had the gastric band procedure:

1. recently, you need to prevent common issues experienced by others

2. months or years ago, and struggling, Helen will resolve these problems

3. and doing well, Helen will ensure you maintain this long term

There are three baby steps for you from here to receive Helen’s education, indicated below.

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