French Bariatric Center Helps Patient from the UK undergo Bariatric Surgery

Why go Poland for Bariatric Surgery ?


Bariatric Surgery Hospital in Le Havre France

Bariatric Surgery Hospital in Le Havre France

Gastric Sleeve surgery Package

Low price gastric band surgery or gastric sleeve surgery in France is provided by Laser Clinics (France) Ltd) at our hospitals in Northern France.

We ask the Question, Why go to Poland to get the life-changing gastric sleeve surgery or gastric Band surgery ?

We ask why on earth would anyone wish to travel all the way to Poland for gastric band surgery or gastric sleeve surgery when it is available in France at a much Lower price and with easy access to clients from all areas of the UK?

It just seems crazy to risk going so far when it is readily available closer to home

Once the surgery has been carried by Laproscopic surgery many patients are well-enough to walk, do mild exercise and even go back to work after just 2 weeks,”  “Our sleeve package includes 2 nights in the Hospital, followed by a night in a Local Hotel to ensure full recovery before they leave France. We use full-service hospitals,

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