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Diana Bunch weighs in at a morbidly obese 620-lb — and is so heavy she needs seven firefighters to move her when she features on TLC’s My 600-lb life. The 55-year-old’s eating disorder is so severe that her lymphedema — where fluid is retained by the body — is one of the worst cases ever to be seen on the series. Her lower limbs are covered in blisters, rashes and open sores. On top of that, her transport in this week’s episode from Washington state to Texas in the back of a van driven by her sister proves to be one of the most harrowing moments of her life. In the footage we see her express fears and doubts as she makes the uncomfortable trip in the hope of undergoing gastric bypass surgery once she gets to Texas. However, on the way she must contend with the public embarrassment of needing seven firefighters to hoist her large frame out of the van and into a hotel bed. The fire crew move her out of the van on a stretcher, after she arrives at the hotel The fire crew move her out of the van and on to a gurney after she arrives at the hotel. Seven firefighters hoist Diana on to the bed and turn her around so she’s in the right direction How did Diana get to this abysmal state?  helene-before-after-video-screenshot Tragically, she has been eating herself to death — trapped inside a tiny apartment in Seattle, WA. She admits that she is addicted to food, and comforts herself by gorging on sweets and fast-food. Diana’s skyrocketing weight has caused her vascular and lymphatic systems to start shutting down, and has led to her lymphedema. A camera crew travels with Diana to Houston to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a weight-loss doctor who counsels and vets patients for any sort of gastric Sleeve operation. Her sister is at the wheel as we see the back of a passenger van hollowed out and turned into a makeshift ambulance with pillows and blankets and bedding. This trip is a long one, and unable to walk or get out on her own volition, Diana must evacuate her bladder and bowels in adult diapers and she requires numerous helpers and emergency assistance to get in and out of the car. Diana admits: “I’ve been miserable for two days straight, and I cannot wait to get into a bed — but it’s embarrassing that I cannot even get out of a vehicle by myself.” We see her sister call for non-urgent assistance from EMS to carry Diana to her room. They have to pull her out lengthwise and on to a sturdy gurney. After being wheeled inside, the firefighters then have to hoist her up to her bed. They cheerfully tell her that they will see her in the morning to reinsert her into the van so she can get to see Dr. Nowzaradan Read more…

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