Fighting obesity at Bristol Hospital’s Bariatric center

The lowest Price gastric band surgery in France is provided by our hospitals in Northern France.

Hospital in Le Havre

Hospital in Le Havre

It is also now possible to undergo gastric band and other bariatric treatments at Hospitals in Northern France which are convenient to get to ,especially not that modern transport cost are more affordable and there are so many alternatives means of travel available from the UK

Fighting obesity at Bristol Hospital’s Bariatric center BRISTOL

As obesity rates continue their alarming rise in the U.K. more people are turning to gastric band surgery and other forms of bariatric surgery As Obesity is an ever increasing concern for officials in the  UK NHS it has become more urgent than ever to try to educate people in methods of either reducing the volume of food they consume, the type of foods they eat or taking more exercise on a regular basis, all of which could save the UK NHS literally millions of £’s each year. According to other reports by reducing the number of people who are obese, or danger of becoming obese, the government could also save Millions of £’s on treating people who go on to develop type 2 diabetes as a consequence of being overweight.   Read more…   facebook like banner