Fatty Liver Study Provides Another Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

Fatty Liver Study Provides Another Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

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Fatty Liver Study Provides Another Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

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LOS ANGELES, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — People with fatty liver problems who may be considering a gastric sleeve or Gastric Band Surgery have some new information to consider. A study of the effect of bariatric procedures on NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) has proven to be another weight loss testimonial alongside recent evidence regarding type 2 diabetes and other conditions. Dr. Michael Murr, of Tampa General Hospital and the University of South Florida Health Bariatric Center, reported that weight loss procedures reduced fatty deposits in the liver as well as some types of damage related to NAFLD, specifically the early stages of thickening and scarring that can result from fat deposits. “We found that the liver goes from an organ that stores fat to one that burns fat after bariatric surgery,” Dr. Murr told reporters. He also admitted that he and his colleagues were surprised at the degree of improvement associated with surgery. Dr. Michael Feiz and his medical team encourage people who are concerned about NAFLD and other obesity-related conditions to take a look at this report and the recent wave of studies indicating the positive health impacts of weight loss surgery. As one of the nation’s top surgeons and an expert in such delicate procedures as lap band or gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. Feiz has helped innumerable patients defeat serious health issues and begin happier new lives. Even so, it’s helpful to see increasing scientific evidence for the health benefits of weight loss surgery that the medical team at Dr. Feiz and Associates has witnessed anecdotally. The work of outstanding surgeons like Dr. Feiz is likely to continue to have even more impact in the wake of the new study. Roughly 30 percent of the United States general public suffers from NAFLD and more than half of them are obese. This is a serious ailment that in some cases can lead to a cirrhosis of the liver of the type usually associated with alcoholism or hepatitis. It is often asymptomatic and is usually caught via blood tests. For severely overweight people with this illness, the study really does seem to be another indicator that weight loss surgery may be called for. The study’s author, Dr. Murr, has been very clear on the matter. “These findings suggest that bariatric surgery should be considered a treatment of choice for NAFLD patients with a body mass index (BMI) more than 35 kg/m² and obesity-related comorbidities, or a BMI more than 40 kg/m²,” he said. The doctor’s study was based on comparisons of biopsy specimens for 152 female and male patients. It presents a powerful scientific argument for the work of outstanding surgeons like Dr. Feiz. A leader in minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures featured on “The Doctors” television show, Dr. Feiz is widely considered the finest board certified bariatric surgeon in Southern California. Severely obese people with health issues such as NAFLD and type 2 diabetes should seriously consider contacting Dr. Feiz and Associates to see if bariatric surgery makes sense for them. Free seminars for prospective patients are held on a regular basis.

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