FAT SHOCK: Boy, 4, gets gastric band and is world’s youngest weight-loss patient

Affordable gastric bypass surgery gastric baypass surgery costs less in France FAT SHOCK: Boy, 4, gets gastric bypass and is the world’s youngest weight-loss Patient Rishi Khatau weighed seven stone and was only four year’s old when doctors performed a gastric bypass and cut away nearly three-quarters of his stomach. The young boy was born weighing just 3lb 9oz but rapidly began to gain weight and was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome – which means his body cannot burn calories properly and so hie weight continues to increase constantly. Mr Khatu,39, said: “After the op, we saw a change in his sleep almost immediately. It makes me very happy that my son is getting his life back. “He still has a craving for sweets, so we make him share his food, that way he’s having what he wants but only half the actual portion.” Weight-loss surgery on children is considered only in rare and life-threatening cases. Prada-Willi syndrome causes sufferers to constantly crave Read more…

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