FAT SHOCK: Boy, 4, gets gastric band and is world’s youngest weight-loss patient

Affordable Gastric Band Surgery

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Boy, 4, gets gastric band

Rishi Khatau weighed seven stone and was only four year’s old when doctors performed a gastrectomy and cut away nearly three-quarters of his stomach. The sweet-toothed youngster had to wear large adult T-shirts and 36in trousers as well as be carried to school by his mother as he could not walk. Rishi failed to lose any weight on an enforced diet and exercise regime and when it became clear his young life was in danger doctor’s took the decision to perform the £3,000 surgery. His father Dipen, a textile trader, said: “We had no other way of saving our son. He was slowly dying and surgery was our last hope.” Read more…

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