FAT SHOCK: Boy, 4, gets gastric band and is world’s youngest weight-loss patient

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FAT SHOCK: Boy, 4, gets gastric band and is the world’s youngest weight-loss Patient

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best price gastric bypass surgery abroad

Rishi Khatau weighed seven stone and was only four year’s old when doctors performed a gastrectomy and cut away nearly three-quarters of his stomach. The young boy was born weighing just 3lb 9oz but rapidly began to gain weight and was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome – which means his body cannot burn calories properly and he never feels full. The drastic surgery had the same effect as a gastric bypass meaning Rishi can now only stomach tiny portions of food on a semi-solid diet. He has ditched his favourite jalebi treats – a deep-fried pretzel coated in sugar syrup – in favour of juices and soups and lost two stone in six months. Mrs Khatau, of Kolkata, India, said: “I don’t think we were to blame by giving him food. “He’d beg and beg for more food. He never felt satisfied with his meals, it baffled us.”   Read more…       facebook like banner

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