Evidence That Bariatric Surgery Helps Reverse Diabetes

Best Price gastric bypass surgery best price gastric bypass surgery abroad Gastric bypass surgery is probably the most common type of obesity surgery done around the World. We offer to our clients the best priced Gastric Bypass cost presented in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery. Evidence That Gastric bypass Surgery Helps Reverse Diabetes We’ve heard before that Gastric Bypass surgery can reverse diabetes. This week a new study has provided more evidence that that is indeed the case. The study, out of the University of Pittsburgh, found that 50% of the study participants who had diabetes and gastric bypass surgery had at least partial remission. That number is incredible, however this was just a small study with 69 participants. So there will still need to be more study if we want to conclude definitively that diabetes can be reversed through bariatric surgery. Gastro MindworksIf you’ve had gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery or bariatric operation Read more…

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