Evidence That Bariatric Surgery Helps Reverse Diabetes

Gastric banding surgery is the most common type of obesity surgery done around the World.

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Evidence That Bariatric Surgery Helps Reverse Diabetes

We’ve heard before that bariatric surgery can reverse diabetes. This week a new study has provided more evidence that that is indeed the case. The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis programme tricks your subconscious mind into believing that you have had gastric band surgery therefore eating less and gradually losing weight. This programme has none of the risks normally associated with invasive abdominal surgery. Permanent weight loss is gradual and it will take some time to reach your goal. This programme is ideal for those who feel that they need structure to aid their weight loss and have a considerable amount of fat cells to lose. Gastro Mind-works If you’ve had gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery or a gastric bypass operation and are now finding that your previously large appetite and bad …See all stories on this topic Read more… Read more…

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