Dr. Oz spotlights 5-HTP appetite suppressant and lap-band weight loss surgery

Dr. Oz spotlights 5-HTP appetite suppressant and Gastric band weight loss surgery

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed a natural appetite suppressant called 5-HTP and examined

Dr. George underwent lap-band surgery himself 15 years ago, and said the procedure helped him get off 11 different medications. Many celebrities, including comedians Rosie O’Donnell and Lisa Lampanelli, have lost dramatic amounts of weight (70 to 100 pounds) just months after getting lap-band surgeries. Dr. Fielding is the surgeon who performed the lap band procedure on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in February 2013. Gov. Christie has since lost more than 100 pounds. “The lap-band works primarily by controlling hunger,” said Fielding. “There are many pathways that go to the brain to help it work out whether we are hungry or not. Many of them come from the top of the stomach, and are manipulated by the pressure applied by the band. When it’s adjusted properly, that relentless urge to eat can fade away. If you loosen it, the hunger may quickly return.”   Read more…  

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