Dr Oz discusses Lauren Manzos 40 pound Lap Band Surgery Weight Loss

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Lauren Manzos 40 pound Lap Band Surgery Weight Loss Sugar Detox Diet

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed Lauren Manzo’s 40-pound weight loss after gastric band surgery and revealed a detox diet to kick sugar addiction on Friday’s episode of the Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz’s guests were former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Caroline Manzo and her daughter, Lauren, who lost 40 pounds after getting gastric band surgery in 2011. The two now star on their own spin-off show, “Manzo’d With Children.” Lauren, who has been overweight her entire life, said she struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise and became a bitter, angry person as a result. She fell into a deep depression and began taking Xanax to cope with her unhappiness. In September 2011, Lauren decided to get lap band surgery and has since lost 40 pounds. The 5-foot-3 Manzo previously revealed she weighed 185 lbs. The gastric band operation involves having a silicone band placed around the stomach to create a pouch the size of a golf ball, limiting the amount of food the patient is able to ingest. Lauren’s father, Albert Manzo, underwent the bariatric procedure in 2008 and lost more than 100 pounds. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got gastric band surgery in 2013 and has since shed more than 85 pounds. Lauren said she wants to lose an additional 20 pounds ahead of her upcoming wedding. Despite her weight loss surgery, Manzo said she struggles to lose weight through diet and exercise alone and is still tempted to eat potato chips and other junk food. Lauren said she eats six small meals a day and makes an effort to work out. Like other bariatric patients, Manzo said surgery is a tool and not a cure-all. Read more…

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