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Gastric Band Surgery

is doubtless accepted as being the most common type of weight loss surgery done Worldwide.

Gastric sleeve surgery in France

The most popular surgeries he has been successfully rendering for years are the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass. These weight loss surgeries shrink the stomach and alter the digestive system to induce weight loss, which have effected a great weight loss in people who once have been highly obese. helen who had a gastric sleeve in February 2015Here is the testimonial of Helen who had gastric sleeve surgery in France in February 2015 It is nearly 3 months since my Gastric Sleeve surgery and life couldn’t be better.
  • I have dropped 2 dress sizes
  • lost 49 pounds.
  • I get excited about getting dressed in the morning.
  • I have renewed energy.
  • I am more positive.
  • I now take more pride in my appearance.
  • I spend time doing my hair and makeup in the mornings and
  • I walk more confidently.

Friends and colleagues comment on how well I look

Whilst I still weigh just over 20 stone and am still morbidly obese, they say I don’t look it. The weight loss has been slow and steady and I resist the temptation to weigh myself daily as this can be demoralising. I still have no appetite and when I go out for a meal I order either a starter or a children’s meal. Some restaurants have a policy that adults cannot order from the children’s menu, but I have found that if you explain to the waiting staff what you have been through they will co-operate and provide a suitable sized meal. This center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery provides least incisive procedures like gastric banding, and also the highly popular and successful sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgies. A complete multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment for patients with severe obesity and associated health problems. The treatment includes an extensive pre-operative evaluation and long-term follow-up with a diet plan. Read more…

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