Dr. Feiz and Associates Answers June ‘Patient Submitted Question of the Month’: â??Why is the …

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Dr. Feiz and Associates Answers June ‘Patient Submitted Question of the Month’:

the month of June has had a particularly large number of patients asking specifically about the gastric sleeve gastrectomy procedure. So, as the month comes to a close, Dr. Feiz has selected the question of why this procedure has so quickly grown in popularity as the June ‘Patient Submitted Question of the Month.’ According to Dr. Feiz, there are three reasons in particular that patients have been turning more and more to the sleeve gastrectomy when electing a bariatric surgery.

1.    “It’s a Happy Medium” – The reason that the gastric Band became so popular nearly a decade ago, notes Dr. Feiz, is because it was shown to have a lower risk of complications than the “gold standard” gastric bypass procedure. Although the gastric bypass resulted in more rapid weight loss, many opted to go with the band simply due to the decreased risk. Shortly after the sleeve procedure was introduced, however, it was revealed that it can often help patients lose weight quicker than the Lap Band, while having fewer complications than the bypass. Dr. Feiz says that is this combination of benefits that makes it a wise choice for many bariatric patients seeking a middle-ground.
2.    “It Has Hormonal Advantages” – In addition to limiting the capacity of the stomach, Dr. Feiz reminds his patients that a sleeve gastrectomy also limits the amount of ghrelin that is released by the stomach. Ghrelin is a hormone released by stomach that tells the brain that it is time to eat. In obese patients, however, it appears to be produced in too much abundance, and production appears to increase as an individual loses weight. When 80 percent of the stomach is removed with a sleeve gastrectomy, many of the hormone emitters that release ghrelin are also removed. The result is a significant reduction in the persistent cravings that can sabotage long-term weight loss.
3.    “It Involves No Foreign Objects” – While the gastric Band is relatively safe, many patients still don’t like the idea of a permanent foreign object in their body or the periodic adjustments required with banding. The gastric sleeve gastrectomy, on the other hand, simply creates a stomach that is smaller without putting any permanent fixtures (other than simple stitches) in place. The sleeve gastrectomy also avoids altering the path of digestion, as is the case with the gastric bypass.

Dr. Feiz concludes that these three reasons are why the sleeve gastrectomy has become the fastest growing bariatric procedure in the United States today.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/DrFeiz/JuneQA/prweb12824438.htm

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