Crisps and Chips

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Crisps and Chips

Are you a savoury tempted person? If so, how are you doing with chips and crisps? Have you beaten the urge as yet? Are they something you occasionally have (like once a month), or is it almost daily? If you want control over savoury snacks like chips and crisps, read on. There are two ways you can go about this; education, and desire release. Let us start with some education. Have you heard of burpees? This is basically an exercise made up of pure torture. It’s a great workout to do, and the reps really burn up some calories, as well as get you fit. But I have yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys doing them. Think of a most hated exercise, and that’s burpees for you. You kind of jump up in the air, get down onto the floor into a plank, do pushups, then gt straight up and jump in the air, then get into a plank, pushups, stand back up, jump, you get the idea. Well, I read that it takes 524 burpees to use up one large serving of french fries! I did not touch french fries for about a year afterwards. Now, if I do have them, it is just a few, or if I am really hungry, maybe a small portion. I probably leave some as well. 524 Burpees?! Oh no, no way! Not me! As for the oil that most of them are cooked in. It turns rancid, and it even smells rancid once you have taken the emotional component out of it. More doctors and nutritionists are warning against “cooking oil” these days. And super-heating the vegetables is not exactly good for you either, it seems. A quick search engine search can provide you with much scientific information to put you off chips and crisps for a long time. Unless you get desiccated natural low-carb vegetable chips. That is not exactly what most people think of when it comes to chips and crisps though. Next, comes release. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a great way to release desire for something that does not serve your body well. And the best part is that EFT does not succeed unless you do not feel deprived or missing out on anything. EFT uses stimulation of acupressure points whilst using releasing wording. If you are interested in trying it, have a look at some free guides on the internet and YouTube starter videos for whatever forbidden fruit you wish to have more control of. So there you have it. Get the disgusting facts, or release the urge. Both work marvellously. Enjoy having more control!
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