Chris Christie Weight Loss Progress

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Chris Christie Weight Loss Progress. Mr. Christie has embarked on a major effort to shed pounds at a time when his eyes are on the presidency. Saying that “a whole bunch of other things” had not worked, he revealed on Tuesday that he had undergone weight loss surgery. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent gastric band surgery in February to try to lose weight. Christie tells the New York Post he had turned 50 and wanted to slim down for his wife and four children. The Republican says he was not motivated by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a possible 2016 presidential candidate who has been the butt of jokes about his waistline, acknowledged having weight-loss surgery in February, calling it a “private” matter. “The steps I’ve taken recently are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told a group of potential donors at a private Manhattan event last week that he dropped 85 pounds since having weight loss surgery a year ago, according to The New York Times. Read more…