Can you hypnotise yourself with a £4.99 app? Paul McKenna says yes, but doctors claim it’s simply …

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Hospital in Le Havre

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Can you hypnotise yourself thin with a £4.99 app?

Paul McKenna says yes, but doctors claim it’s simply misleading and a ‘gimmick’

  • Paul McKenna is calling his new app a ‘gastric band, surgery free weight-loss solution’
  • Claims hypnotherapy is scientifically proven method of shedding pounds  
  • But doctors say he’s giving customers false idea of the results they’ll see
  • Hypnotic Gastric Band app claims to convince ‘unconscious mind’ that surgical implant has been fitted 
A war of words has erupted between leading obesity surgeons and celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna over whether hypnotherapy weight-loss apps actually work.

The smartphone market is flooded with downloads that promise to help users shed pounds.

Some, like McKenna’s, even claim to use hypnotherapy to mimic the results of drastic and costly weight-loss surgery.

However, top surgeons have warned that, in their opinion, giving customers the impression they will see the same results as gastric band surgery is wrong.

The surgical procedure, which costs about £6,000, involves doctors implanting an inflatable band around the top of the stomach to create a small pouch, so patients feel fuller quicker.

McKenna says his £4.99 Hypnotic Gastric Band app is a ‘surgery-free weight-loss solution’ that ‘can help convince the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted, so the body behaves as though a band is physically present’.

But Dr Carel le Roux, a lead physician at London’s Imperial College Healthcare’s obesity service, dismisses these claims as ‘a gimmick’. He says: ‘Hypnosis isn’t powerful enough to be effective in the long term.’

Consultant surgeon Paul Super, from the BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham, agrees. He says: ‘It might be called a hypnotic gastric band, but is no more a physical operation than a hypnotic pacemaker or hypnotic hip replacement. If it worked, then why aren’t thousands of patients having Gastric Band NHS ? Read more <<HERE >>   facebook like banner    

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