Bariatric Surgery – Actual Lap Band Surgery Procedure

Gastric band surgery is the most commonly known type of obesity surgery done Worldwide.

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Having gastric band surgery will definitely assist you to lose weight . This is most evident in the first 12 Months following your surgery. Also, in addition to the surgical procedure, keeping up the correct post-operative dieting is essential. Patients who resist to modify their dieting’s ofttimes go through discomfort, pain, and regurgitation of food they have attempted to eat (or more correctly over eaten!). They also expose themselves to the risk of damaging surgical stitches and/or staple lines. In order to avoid unpleasant and negative consequences, you’ll be encouraged to abide by dietary guidelines similar to these below.
  • Liquid Meals – Immediately following the surgical procedure, you’ll be placed on a liquid meal plan. These usually last for a period of approximately 1 to 2 months. Broth, milk, blended yoghurt, and high protein drinks are the recommended dietary staple during this phase.
  • Pureed Meals – Once you start to get out of your first recovery period your dietician or physician will recommend a few pureed meals. These are most frequently recommended between liquid supplements and include chicken, fish, and eggs as well as peas, carrots, and certain beans.
  • Softer Meals – Patients may begin eating softer, but small portions, of cooked meals 6 or 9 weeks following their surgical procedure. These meals incorporate similar food types as is contained in the liquid plans, but without the necessity of pureeing it beforehand.
  • Regular Meals – normally at the 3 or 6 months stage, most patients begin to enjoy a more all-embracing assortment of meals. This is also when most patients establish new dietary habits which they will follow for the remainder their lives. During this stage, meal sizes increase and cab be taken approximately every 4 to 5 hours.
Upon achieving your dietician suggested meal size, you will continue your meal schedule indefinitely thereafter. It is extremely important to partake proper physician suggested portions during all stages of your Gastric Band Diet programme. This includes eating sensibly for years after the gastric band surgery. If you begin to overeat, your treated stomach can expand again which must be avoided at all costs. To learn more or explore details regarding this diet, we recommend that you speak with a professional dietician.

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