Are You on Track to Meet Your Fitness Goals?

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Are You on Track to Meet Your Fitness Goals?

Here we are in the 2nd month in 2016 and we are turning the corner to enter into the month of March. Here is a question for those of who made that New Year’s resolution to get fit, lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. Are you still on track to reach your fitness goals? If the answer is yes, then well done! However, if the answer is no, then no need to fear there is plenty of time for you to re-adjust so that you can achieve what you set out to accomplish. One of the many questions that people have about setting fitness goals, is where do I begin. And the answer is that you begin with one simple step followed by another and another. The reality is goals are the big picture. So if you set out to lose a certain amount of weight within a certain amount of time. Give yourself some small accomplishments in order to achieve the maximum weight loss. For example, increasing the amount of water intake is a small step in the right direction to achieve fitness goals. The 2nd step might be getting out and getting more exercise. This could be walking for 15 minutes during lunch or even committing to walking around the neighborhood after work. The bottom line is that goals require action if they are going to be achieved. However, don’t feel down if the scale doesn’t move. Measure your progress by how you feel, are you feeling more energized, do your clothes seem to be getting looser, these are the things that show improvement. And then before you know it the results start to show on the scale as well. This principle of goal setting holds true in daily life as well. Start with a vision then write it down, next do something everyday to move towards your goal, even if you schedule 5 minutes a day to accomplish it. And today with mobile apps geared to fitness, it is way more easier to gain an insight of the things that you do on a daily basis that can either help or hurt your chances of reaching your desired fitness goals. In five minutes a day a person can see what their eating habits are and their calorie intake. So no matter where you are in your fitness journey, remember that small steps lead to big results.
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