Annihilate Belly Fat with the help of Water

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Get rid of Belly Fat: The Role of Water

OVER THE PAST FEW months I’ve lost about 30 pounds – most of it was belly fat. And water consumption was one of several solutions to the problem of my obesity. I’d like to share what I’ve learned about water intake and it’s role in cutting obesity and annihilating belly fat. Water Deficiency Symptoms There are a number of symptoms of water deficiency. Of course, there can be other causes and often multiple causes, but these are some that I’ve experienced before I started monitoring my water intake. I had all of the following symptoms at one time or another: rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, chapped lips, type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, lower back pain, headaches, obesity, and BELLY FAT. I also experienced dryness of the skin, mouth, eyes, and hair. Since I’ve monitored my H2O intake, all of these conditions have improved or vanished. Other symptoms that might indicate water deficiency include varicose veins, chronic fatigue, depression, neck pain, allergies, asthma, and dehydration. Also digestive problems can occur. Those might include chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis, and urinary problems. The Body Needs Water The human body is made up of as much as 65 percent water. That’s 10-12 gallons for the average adult and you can’t survive for more than three or four days without water consumption. Water accomplishes the following: · It protects your organs from injury · Water helps remove toxins and waste from your system · It cushions your joints · Controls temperature · And water carries nutrients from foods to your cells Water and Obesity It’s an important lifelong skill to have the ability to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Often when we think we’re hungry it’s merely thirst. So when you appear to be hungry, just drink a glass of water first. It’s also important to partake of adequate levels of fiber. When doing so, it’s necessary to increase water intake in order to prevent constipation. Finally, we encounter toxins throughout the day. Those damaging toxins are stored in the belly fat and, when those cells release energy into the blood, toxins are also released. Our systems can function properly when we have enough water to carry those toxins through the blood, kidney, and out of our bodies. Valuable Tips The appropriate water intake is approximately equivalent to half your body weight in ounces. That is, if you weigh 200-pounds, you should drink about 100-ounces of water daily. The best time to start is first thing in the morning. You should start your day by drinking 16-ounces of cool, refreshing water. Water should reflect importance in your life. So, you should drink another 16-ounces of water before each meal or snack, and then again before bedtime. Drink water instead of pop, soft drinks, soda, coffee, and alcohol. Carry a water bottle so you can measure your water intake. Take bottled water when traveling, and finally, if you feel hungry… drink water first. And along with proper diet and exercise, you’ll lose that BELLY FAT. Get a FREE eBook on February 11th, Wednesday through the 14th, Saturday. Dismounted Liberty is my newest creative nonfiction WW II book. It’s free for download on Amazon. All I request is that you give it an honest review on Amazon. Article Source: Read more…
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