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Media and the world of fashion have turned weight loss into a huge industry. Just think about the number of weight loss products, supplements and programmes that celebrities endorse. This industry focuses on immediate solutions that are difficult to sustain. Many people enter a vicious circle that they have no idea how to break out of. The best kind of weight loss starts with proper motivation and the focus on positive life changes. To accomplish these goals, you need to work on your self-perception and the way in which you see the world. You can achieve these goals through hypnosis. What are the Traps that Dieters Fall Into? Do you believe that severe diet restrictions will help you lose weight? You are not alone. Millions of other people are starving themselves without being capable of accomplishing anything. The problem is that diet foods can be just as fattening as their regular counterparts, especially if consumed in huge quantities. There is no such thing as “bad” or “forbidden” foods. Moderation and a balanced diet are the key to losing weight. A diet will make you feel deprived and guilty. Are these sentiments the ones that will keep you motivated? Focusing on the negative is the best way to set yourself up for failure. How is Weight Loss Hypnosis Different? Weight loss hypnosis provides a different possibility through positive motivation. So many people are confused and poorly motivated. They want to lose weight in order to look like celebrities or they want to lose weight in an attempt to please their significant other. Both of these reasons are insufficient to introduce major life changes. Weight loss hypnosis works in a different way. It allows participants in the programme to heal “internally” and to start loving themselves. Doing something beneficial because you love yourself and you want to be healthy is going to deliver much better results than trying to please someone. Can You Change Your Own Self-Perception? Your self-image – is it positive or negative? What do you see when you stand in front of the mirror? Can you look at yourself and say that you love your body and your appearance? Chances are that you cannot. A hypnotherapist will guide you through the process of forming a positive self-image. Being inspired and motivated is going to add an element of pleasure to the weight loss process. You cannot change your self-perception from the outside. The process has to start with your own thinking, beliefs and values. Hypnosis can help you modify the
estructive patterns of the past. Weight loss that starts with self-reflection and eradication of self-damaging thoughts is the possibility for achieving long term happiness. What is the Secret to Weight Loss Sustainability? Do you think that you have reached your “happily ever after” because you have managed to get rid of the extra pounds? If the process stops there, you can accumulate the same amount of weight in a very short period of time. Weight loss hypnosis can extend the results because of the inner changes that it accomplishes. You become a happier, more motivated person. You find it easy to maintain healthy habits and to do beneficial things for yourself. Finding pleasure in such changes will help you enjoy the weight loss results without worrying about going back to where you used to be.
David Samson is a regular advisor to BBC Radio London. His work has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and the Evening Standard. Using gentle & sympathetic techniques developed over 10 years practicing effective weight loss Hypnosis treatments. Read more…

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