3 Top Tips To Stop Emotional Eating Instantly

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Here are 3 powerful techniques to help you to do exactly that.

1. Creative visualization Visualization for me is seeing moving pictures with my third eye. When you visualize take your awareness to your third eye (your third eye is situated between your eyebrows) and practise “seeing” with it. What do you see when you image yourself eating only healthy food? What do you taste? What do you feel? Whenever your taste buds are longing for a sweet or Chinese take away or a high calorie pizza, visualize yourself eating a plate full of vegetables and fish or chicken with a colourful salad. Your mind will be retrained after a while and you can celebrate the success of being able to resist unhealthy food. 2. Emotionally hungry or physically hungry? Whenever you feel like eating that bar of chocolate inside your drawer at work test yourself whether you are emotionally-, or physically hungry. Ask yourself: Am I emotionally hungry? Am I physically hungry? You can find the answers to those two questions by doing muscle testing. Muscle testing or energy testing is done by hand usually. It can be done standing up too. But now I describe to you the hand method. You take the most dominant hand, and place the thumb and the middle finger together creating a circle. Then, take the thumb and middle finger of the other hand and use them as pliers whose job it is to test the strength of your dominant thumb/finger connection. Let us try the energy testing. To establish the pressure of your fingers please follow the instructions to form a circle with your fingers and say the following: “My name is (say your name)”. Then try to pull apart your fingers. These should not pull apart because your subconscious mind knows what your first name is. The answer is yes. Now say: “I live in France”. Then try to pull your fingers apart again. And this time you should be able to pull them apart. Your subconscious mind knows that you are not in France. The answer is no. You can now apply this technique to find out whether you are emotionally hungry or physically hungry. The statement would be “I am emotionally hungry”. Do the testing. If you can pull apart your fingers you are not emotionally hungry. That means you are physically hungry and can eat something. 3. Colour therapy This is a wonderful technique which applies colour therapy. Vibrant colours lift our mood and make us happy. Living in a home with well coordinated friendly colour gives us a sense of happiness, cosiness and gives us peace. We can apply this knowledge to our eating habits, especially to emotional eating. Every morning when you wake up think about your favourite colour. Then, imagine that you are surrounded by this colour. Take long deep breaths and imagine you are breathing that colour through your body, starting from your feet and filling you up completely. Repeat this exercise regularly if you can. It will help you stop overeating before the thoughts even arise.
Monika Kloeckner is a passionate life coach, advanced theta healing practitioner and inspirational author. She helps women to overcome their food addiction with coaching and healing techniques. Monika runs workshops on body image issues and runs a self-help group for women with unhealthy eating habits in Leatherhead, Surrey (UK). Please visit her website on http://beatfoodaddiction.blogspot.co.uk.
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