Gastric Band Surgery Revision to Gastric Sleeve in France

Gastric Lap Band surgery is doubtless the most common type of weight loss surgery carried out All over the World.
We offer probably the best priced gastric Lap Band cost available in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery. compare best price gastric band surgery
Gastric bypass surgery costs less in France

gastric baypass surgery costs less in France

Hopefully this is it.

I suppose I’m going for revision surgery the first week in October. I say suppose as I had a gastric band in France in 2004 and it was best thing I ever I lost over 11 stone but then I made mistake of having it removed as I thought i could do it myself. I regained most of my weight then in 2010 about 6-8 months after having band removed I went for a wrap in Prague . ( biggest waist of money ever) I didn’t loose a lb in fact I gained more weight then in 2012 I went to Belgium and had another band. This was going great until I got a vomiting bug and my local hospital removed it when it didn’t need to be removed. So here I am today. 23stone. Heaviest ever! And I am going for the ultimate weight loss tool ( well it is to me) I am having a gastric bypass in France in October. In nervous as it’s my 4th operation so it can’t be good for my body but at same time I can’t go on like this I have no life. I have pains everywhere my knees can just about carry me. I can’t afford to have it done here in Ireland and there is no option to have it done public so this is my only option. Follow this and other similar stories on WLS Forum     Read more…   facebook like banner

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