Gastric-Sleeve Surgery Post Op Day #7 1 week update (VSG)

Post Op Day #7 ~1 week update~ (VSG)


 Gastric Sleeve Surgical procedure costs much less at our Registered Health center in Northern France when compared to Stomach Sleeve prices typically located at Health centers in the UK or Ireland. Healthcare facilities in France are operated to incredibly high criteria and all cosmetic surgeons have to be registered as Surgeons and qualified in the certain area where they specialize.
stomach sleeve image Gastric Sleeve Surgical treatment in France, or Gastrectomy is executed by a certified Bariatric surgeon who will get rid of around 60% to 80% of the belly along the greater external curvature of the patients stand, leaving just a small tube ("sleeve") for the new stomach pouch which expands from the all-natural belly open up to the all-natural tummy outlet (pyloric shutoff). The treatment helps to restrict eating by reducing the general size of the stomach by getting rid of the part of the belly that creates the hunger-stimulating hormonal agent Ghrelin. The cutout component of the tummy is removed from the body as well as not left in area as with stomach coronary bypass. This procedure is not relatively easy to fix so is typically booked for extreme situations of weight problems only.
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Post Op Day #7 ~1 week update~ (VSG)Sorry this video is a day late..I will be doing tags and recipes as well.. up and coming soon.  But once a week updates.Beginning Weight : 5'3 220 lbs BMI 39Pre op Weight : 218Day of surgery weight : 207.9See more here: GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY IN FRA...