Sheila L Loses 59 lbs in 8 Months after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

UpdateTestimonial for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Sheila L had gastric Sleeve Surgery on 4th February 2015

Updated 20 October 2015
sheila before and after October 2015

Sheila L in October 2015

sheila_before_after_october-2105-2It is now over 8 months since having Gastric Sleeve surgery in Le Havre, France on 4th February 2015 and I have now lost 27 kilos. Although this might be slower than some, I am more than happy with my weight loss. I am feeling fantastic and am able to do so much more. Just walking around has been made so much easier. I have now taken up swimming and hoping to soon start a zumba class. I have been getting lots of compliments from people at work about how much weight I have lost, which feels fantastic. Having gastric sleeve surgery is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is completely changing my life for the better 🙂 I am feeling full of life instead of being lethargic all the time. I am now getting into a comfortable size 18 although some clothes I am getting into are 16. I am also feeling more confident being out in public instead of hiding behind baggy clothes. Sheila L Full name and Address supplied Sheila’s previous post and update can be found by following the Link below *“Results for gastric sleeve surgery are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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