Mohammed Has Gastric Sleeve Surgery And Loses 48 Kg

Mohammed has Now Lost 48 Kg’s since Gastric Sleeve surgery in France

In November 2012 Mohammed Weighed in at 156 Kgs.

We are now pleased to say that Mohammed is now down to 108 kg

This means that in total he has lost 48 kg (7.6 Stone or 106 Lbs) since he had the operation.*

Today (August 20th 2013) Muhammad has sent us this update

Dear Tullia

Here is Mohammed in a new photo where he is 108 kg and looks much younger.

He can now walk much better and its all because of you and the medical team in France.

You have looked after him all the way through his weight loss journey and he is still loosing weight but slowly now, but he is so happy we talk about you every so often.

Please pass on our regards to the Gastric Sleeve surgeon, nurses, and medical team



Rehana (for Mohammed)


* Results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

Mohammed has now lost 48 Kgs

Mohammed lost 48 Kg after Weight Loss Surgery in France

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* Results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

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