A Mini Gastric ByPass Testimonial from Laureinne C

Testimonial from Laureinne for her Mini Gastric Bypass

Date of Gastric Bypass Surgery 2015

Dear Tullia
Firstly I want to say thank you for your patience with me in getting all my documents in order.
 I want to congratulate and praise you for the coordination and execution of this experience for me.
From  the welcome at the Euro star in Paris, travel to the hotel, hospital and back, has just been one great journey without any problems.  The hotel was comfortable and staff were very helpful and pleasant,  everyone there just knew what to do. Taxi service on time every time knowing where to drop and collect you.
The Hospital
The staff at the hospital where the consultation was done, even when there was a lack of communication with language barrier,  everybody just knew what to do, what and where to go next.
Meeting Dr. B.
The staff who assisted with when the endoscopy was done,  they were amazing.  Speaking of amazing,  I want to say, my experience in the hospital itself was great, from being taken up,  going to theatre and back to the ward, the nurses constant care, being there whenever you need them , I can only applaud them. But mostly I want to say thank you to Dr B. for his follow-up visits, making sure I was ok.
After Surgery
Thank you for your calls back at the hotel making sure I was ok after the mini gastric bypass operation was done, for arranging the yogurt and soup, and checking to see if anything else was required.

Thank you for making this Gastric Bypass journey so comfortable as possible  for me,  I can, and will recommend you and your team with highest praise.

Foto’s to follow with next update
Kind regards
Laureinne C
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