Mini ByPass Results Testimonial for Surgery in France

A Testimonial for Mini Gastric ByPass in France 

best price gastric bypass surgery abroad

best price gastric bypass surgery abroad

From “Jackie” who had a Mini Gastric Bypass at our Hospital France.

Surgery date 3rd Sept 2014
  • Jackie Had her Mini-ByPass Surgery on the 3rd September 2014
  • weight before surgery was 104 kg ( 16.3 stone) [photo 1]
  • 3 months later she weighed 82 kg ( 12.9 stone) [Photo 2]
  • 4 Months later she weighed 77 kg ( 12.1 stone)

Total Weight Loss in 4 Months is an amazing 27 kg (4.2 stone)

Dear Tullia I just had to send you these photo’s to you to show how pleased I am with the results of my mini gastric bypass surgery after only 3 Months ! Seeing the results after the excellent service and support you gave me has changed my life. From my initial enquiry to all of the follow up questions and answers you gave you have been outstanding ! Please feel free to use this as a Mini Gastric Bypass testimonial on your website.

I have Attached below Before and After Photo’s so that you can see for yourself the results

Jackie D Before Mini ByPass

“Jackie” Before Mini Gastric ByPass

Jackie D Mini ByPass Surgery in France

“Jackie” 3 Months After Mini ByPass Surgery

  Kind regards

“Jackie” (Full name supplied)

*“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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