Kendyl Loses 49 Lbs. in less than 3 Months after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Kendyl Has Lost an amazing 49 lbs (3.5 stn) in less than 3 Months after Gastric ByPass

Kendyl Loses 49 lbs in 3 Months after gastric bypassHi, my name is Kendyl. I am 16 years old and I live in England.

I had weight problems since being very young and had tried everything in an effort to lose weight, yet nothing worked until I reached my biggest weight of 289 lbs.

I then discovered this website which offered Gastric Bypass surgery at a hospital in France

I traveled to Le Havre in France and underwent a gastric bypass operation on the 10th December 2014.  All of the doctors that were involved in my surgery spoke perfect English. This made me feel comfortable. The gastric bypass surgery was a success and everything went to plan.

In Just Under 3 Months I have lost 49 lbs. r gastric bypass surgery

Its now late February 2015 which is less than 3 Months since I had the the gastric bypass and I am pleased to let you see my Gastric Bypass before and After Photos since I had my Gastric bypass surgery at the Hospital in France and I have already lost 49 lbs. and I am continuing to regain my confidence as I lose more and more weight every day.
I am extremely grateful to the team at Laser Clinics ( France) Ltd for taking my situation into consideration giving me the help I needed.
I will be posting more Gastric Bypass Surgery Photos onto this blog as  the weight continues fall off.
Full name details available on request.
*“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person“

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