Jessica’s Gastric Sleeve Story

This is Jessica’s Gastric Sleeve story.

 Having been big for as long as I can remember, and having tried, every diet that has ever been invented, I’ve managed to lose some weight but have never been able to sustain it for more then a couple of years, with it slowly going back on, and then some.

 I’ve always been tempted to have weight loss surgery, but was scared of the dangers of having the operations, but over the years these operations have got more successful and safer.

 Then about a year ago having suffered bad knees for the last couple of years or so, plus aches and pains in my back I decided it was time to visit my doctor, something that I’d been putting off for a long time, as anyone who is over weight dreads doing, because we all know that no matter what is wrong, our weight will be the issue.

 So taking the plunge with my husband in tow, we were ready for battle, and to my surprise we saw a new doctor who was more then sympathetic, she suggested that I join a weight Loss Programme with the intention of having weight loss surgery, rather then sending me home with a diet sheet.

I walked out of her surgery with more hope then I’ve ever had before, and within 3 weeks I had joined the group and was led to believe that I could be having gastric surgery within a year.

After attending all meetings etc. We were then told all NHS Gastric band, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve operations had been put on hold for the foreseeable future, my heart sank on hearing this.

My husband knew how depressed I was feeling, and was looking on the Internet about weight loss operations privately in the UK, and to try and think how we could afford one.

Then happened to notice one advertised in France and couldn’t believe the price they were offering to do it for, and we could actually afford it, so I completed a contact form, and within 24 hours I had a phone call from a lady called Tullia Law in France.

 Tullia asked few vital questions to make sure I qualified, and told me she had a special offer on weight loss surgery, and had a free date 7 weeks later, we said we would think about this because she wanted the money up front, and were a little skeptical, but after doing some research found Tullia Law to be genuine.

Next day, as promised, I received all the info via e-mail, including the name of my intended surgeon, after checking him out we were very impressed.

We rang the NHS at Derriford Hospital to ask how long I might have to wait for bariatric operation, and was told it would be at least one year, so I decided there and then to go ahead with Tullia.

 Tullia was amazing, she organized the whole package perfectly for us, and we organized our own travel arrangements.

On arriving in France the hotel was expecting us, all the taxi’s to and from the hospital, which Tullia had arranged, went without a hitch.

My original plan was to have a gastric by-pass but the surgeon advised me because of my previous operation for gall stones, plus my size, that a gastric by-pass might not be possible and he may have to do a sleeve gastrectomy instead.

As it turned out this was a sleeve which he did and I’m more then happy with the result, with gastric sleeve operations you suffer none of the side effects of by-pass surgery and all is going extremely well.

I had the operation on the 17th July as planned, all the nurses and doctors where wonderful.

So far I have lost 1st 9 lbs in just over 3 weeks, with no nasty side effects.

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