Helen Loses 21 lbs in 2 weeks after gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Testimonial for gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Gastric sleeve surgery cost less in Francefrom Helen who had gastric Sleeve surgery in France on the 4th Feb 2015

Helen Loses 21 lbs in 2 weeks after gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

I am 44 and have no living memory of being thin. Despite being very sporty and fit I always remember being larger than my peers and being judged and ridiculed for my size. The dreaded back-handed compliment of ‘oh you have a lovely face’ was common. I have been on diets since the age of 8. I was diagnosed with a underactive thyroid in my mid thirties. I had the ability to lose weight, but eventually would pile the pounds back on and then some. Having witnessed my friend’s loose weight by way of a gastric band and gastric gastric bypass I decided to take matters of my own in hand. I dismissed having gastric sleeve surgery in an eastern European country despite it being a little bit cheaper, I felt the risk of flying so soon after surgery was too great. I could not afford the cost of bariatric surgery in the UK so this was not an option. I stumbled upon The Laser Clinic (France) Ltd by way of a google search. It immediately appealed to me as it was accessible by way of Eurostar. I made further enquiry, initially by speaking with Tullia and thereafter internet searches to satisfy myself the package offered was genuine. I had anxieties about paying so much money up front. I had anxieties about it being a sham, but after much research I could find no evidence that it was. Tullia was extremely helpful. At first she did come across as a bit aggressive, but this proved to be pure efficiency and her drive.
Helen only 2 weeks after surgery

Helen after only 2 weeks

I had a gastric sleeve on 4th February 2015.

I travelled with my husband and a friend who had the same surgery. I could not have been happier with the service and treatment we received. The 6 days flew by seamlessly. Everyone involved from surgeon to hotel receptionist were amazing. Transport arrived on time or early. On the 2nd February I met with the Surgeon, the Anaesthetist and Bloods were taken. We had the rest of the day to shop. The Hotel is situated on the marina at Le-Havre with a shopping mall just over the bridge. It is also only a short walk in to Le Havre where there are yet more shops. On the Tuesday we had the endoscopy. We were at the hospital for less than an hour. It was not a pleasant experience but it is a short procedure. We were collected on the Wednesday at 6.15. I was ready for surgery at 8 am. I was required to shower in a special ointment. (Make sure you don’t have any nail varnish or jewellery on). Also make sure you shave your bits!! The next thing I knew the Nurse was directing me to be taken back to the ward. Following the surgery I had four small wounds. I was in no pain. The four wounds were neat and healed well. I was up and walking the following day. I returned to work on the 9th February.

I have lost 21 pounds and many inches in the first 2 weeks after having my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Whilst I struggled with low energy, I am now in my third week and feel brilliant. I have no appetite and need to force myself to eat in order to sustain my energy levels. It is weird to find that after eating only four pieces of mango, or half a bowl of soup I am full. I have no cravings. My only regret is not having had this surgery 10 years ago. Thanks Helen *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person If you would like to read more Gastric Sleeve surgery testimonials in France CLICK HERE Free no obligation information here    

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