A Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France Review from Rosemary

A Gastric Sleeve  Surgery Review

Rosemary Had a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France in 2013

xmas gastric sleeve surgery in FranceThis is Rosemary’s Story in her own words

For me, Christmas Day 2012, was the day my life changed!

Better than any Christmas present, I came upon Tullia Law ! Feeling at the lowest ebb, Tullia gave me hope. My life was on a downward spiral and I felt I had nothing to live for. In fact, I had to face the reality that if I did not take drastic action soon my future, long or short term, would be grim. I was very, very overweight!

Bariatric surgery!

I was very apprehensive about taking that route. contact us at gastric band France I had read every diet book and tried every diet.
  • Nothing worked – not for long anyway!
  • Should I spend money looking for a remedy!
  • Could I, should I, trust a lady whom I’d never met, with a considerable amount of my money?
  • Would I be able to cope in a hospital where I could not speak the language?
  • What if it all went wrong?

Procrastination is the thief of time! I just had to get on and do what I had to do – no more dithering!

Rosemary's video about gastric sleeve surgery in France

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The wheels were soon in motion once I had made my decision and had told Tullia that I wanted to come to France to have sleeve gastrectomy. Looking back now, making that decision was the hardest part of the whole process but is one that I shall never regret. I was a classic candidate for developing diabetes, I had breathing difficulties and my mobility was poor. I needed help in order to manage my daily life and I was registered disabled. gastric sleeve surgery pricesThings could not get much worse at the very time I had begun retirement and should have been looking forward to a life without work and all the stresses which went with it. Within weeks of having gastric sleeve surgery I felt like a different person!
  • The weight dropped off me.
  • I was able to take back my independence.
  • I no longer felt so depressed.
  • I could walk more comfortably without feeling pain and becoming breathless.
  • I began to enjoy life again the more weight I lost.

I managed to lose seven stone!

lowest price for gastric sleeve surgery in FranceI was able to start making plans for my future! Tullia tracked my progress, and continued to encourage me – this, together with comments from family and friends, indicating that they could see a change in me, spurred me on. In the past, when they said that I was ‘looking well’, I took it as a euphemism for, ‘ You’ve put more weight on!’ From time to time, my weight fluctuated – sometimes my weight went up, sometimes I didn’t lose any. I became very disheartened, but somehow I managed to keep going. I managed to lose seven stone and I am working on losing more.

diets after gastric sleeve surgeryIt is a lifelong project!

I can go out to restaurants with family and friends and I am happy to just have one course. I will often take a doggy bag home too! I know how much I can comfortably eat before I get the warning signs to say, ‘That’s enough!’ It took a while for friends to understand that I am quite happy to stop after the first course whilst they go on to each of the next three or four courses!!

gastric sleeve surgery before and afterSince sleeve gastrectomy, I can’t wait to plan my next trip!

My life has changed in other ways too. I love travelling but I was doing less and less of it when my health deteriorated due to weight issues. Since sleeve gastrectomy, I can’t wait to plan my next trip! I have been to China and managed to walk along a section of the Great Wall, despite the high steps which had to be negotiated! cheapest gastric sleeveI was able to go on my very first cruise and went to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Reaching the southern tip of South America, I realised that I was only two hundred miles from the South Pole! I was determined to go there! Last Christmas I went on an expedition ship down to Antarctica – what a fantastic experience that was! gastric sleeve surgery abroadTo fully appreciate this amazing place, we need to leave the ship and get into zodiacs – now that would have been an impossibility before I had a gastric sleeve! There was food, plenty of it, on board the expedition ship – you couldn’t get away from it! It was not a problem for me though – in fact I managed to lose weight! I have already booked to go on an expedition to the Arctic in the coming year and again I will need to be able to get in to zodiacs if I am to appreciate exploring Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard Right inside the Arctic Circle. After that, there are still plenty of places on my ‘to do’ list.

Now I am able to really enjoy my voluntary work.cost of gastric sleeve surgery

I can’t believe how good life can be now that so many opportunities are within my reach. However, my retirement is not one big round of constant travelling! I am very involved with the local Hospice. Much of my week is taken up with either taking patients to and from the Day Centre or giving people support in their own homes. I am helping people who are at the end of their lives – they have severe breathing difficulties, mobility problems etc – the very problems that I once had except that in my case, these problems were self inflicted. I really enjoy my voluntary work. It is such a rewarding job. It gives me great pleasure knowing that I can help to make others lives a little easier. None of this would I have even been able to contemplate six or so years ago.

get gastric sleeve surgeryI shall forever be grateful to Tullia and of course Dr B and his team.

For those who are considering weight loss surgery, you need not be worried about taking such an important step. The NHS has never really got to grips with Bariatric Surgery and, with all the cutbacks etc, it is unlikely that it will get up to speed in the foreseeable future and make these lifesaving procedures more readily available. Tullia is a very kind, caring person who only wants the best outcome for those who put their trust in her. She is there every step of the way to make sure everything goes without a hitch from start to finish. Please be assured too that you will be in good hands at the hospital in Le Havre. The Doctors, nurses and other staff will take very good care of you. I just wish that I had made the decision to have a gastric sleeve a lot sooner – it would have saved me from a lot of heartache and misery. My sincere thanks again to Tullia and Dr B! Rosemary Sussex U.K.
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Rosemary loses 98 lbs after gastric sleeve surgery

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