Gastric Sleeve Before and after Images from Wilma McD

Gastric Sleeve testimonials Before and After Images

We have just been sent a set of before and after Images from Wilma MacD. who came to our Hospital in Le Havre, Northern France, in September of 2013 for Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

As you can see from the images the change has been remarkable and Wilma is more than pleased with the results of the gastric sleeve surgery she had.

Wilma was 27 stone one year ago and has lost 8 stone so far

When Wilma came to us 1 year ago she was 27 stone with a BMI of 65 !!

In the UK she would not have been considered for any Weight Loss surgery without following a very strict diet to bring her BMI down- But she is very happy & continuing the good work

Wilma Also says that she is continuing to lose weight and enjoying every minute of her new lifestyle.


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