Gastric Bypass in France Testimonial Christina McD

Gastric Bypass Patient Losses 34 lbs in 4 weeks

Surgery in April 2013 I had been considering Gastric Bypass Surgery for several months and my GP recommend a private hospital in the UK. I had 3 appointments at the UK Clinic with the consultant who was helpful and decided that I was ready to go ahead with the surgery. I started looking at how we could finance this as it is expensive in the UK and because of this I started looking at options abroad as the costs were significantly less than those inthe UK. I made an enquiry to French Cosmetic Surgery and Tullia Law the Company Coordinator returned my call the same evening. Tullia was fantastic, she explained that this was an all inclusive package for surgery, hotel, transport and hospital stay while in France. Tullia gave me a potential date for surgery and it all became very real!! We were asked to pay the full amount of the surgery up front and I have to say initially that worried me, but it all turned out well. I was sent my itinerary and everything I was promised fell into place. The minute we arrived in Paris we were met by our Taxi, which had been arranged by Tullia, which took us directly to the Hotel. The hotel was really nice and the staff were well informed about the procedures for the next few days, they made us welcome and arranged all our transport to and from the hospital for my pre-op checks. I met my consultant Dr B. for the first time who put me at ease about the surgery and fully explained the procedures before, during, and after the operation. We stayed in a private room in the hospital and the staff were fantastic, very attentive and pandered to my every need before and after my operation. Dr B. visited me twice a day to ensure I was OK. I have to say the service was second to none. Once I was discharged from hospital Tullia called every day to see how I was doing and Dr B visited the hotel as well. I am now 4 weeks post op and I am doing well! I have lost 17 lbs since my op and I also lost 17 lbs on the pre op diet sent to me by Tullia, so in total 34 lbs!! I feel fantastic and would like to say a special thanks to Tullia Law and Dr B and all his staff for making my life changing decision an easy one for me. I would have no problem in recommending the French Cosmetic Surgery to anyone. My contact detail can be obtained from Tullia if anyone would like more information. Christina McD For More details and to learn how you too can benefit from gastric Bypass surgery in France and save thousands of Pounds when compared to UK Prices. *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person
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