gastric band testimonial by W Howard

Gastric band Surgery testimonial from Wm. Howard

Had surgery on the 11/September/2013 My weight was 119 kilos 18 stone 10 Pounds. I have been over weight from my teen’s, always about two stone overweight. Three years ago I gave up smoking for my health, as I am in my late sixties. Like many people this caused me to gain more weight as a result. I went on the usual diets, boring, and still gained weight over time until in the end I got to 18 Stone 18 Pounds weight. Just by chance I found the web site for the Gastric Band Surgery clinic in France. I got in touch with them and received a phone call from Tullia who got the ball rolling and organised the Hospital and the gastric band surgery for me. After only three short weeks since my operation I have lost four Kilos. As yet I have not had my first aftercare appointments which is not due until the end of October 2013, but I am pleased to say I have lost four kilos, which is better than gaining four kilos. Thanks to every one’s help at the Hospital and to Tullia for organising everything . William (bill) Howard *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person”
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