Gastric Band Testimonial from Tamara

Gastric Band Surgery Testimonial from Tamara

Gastric Band date 31st May 2013

Hi Tullia,

I wanted to thank you and especially Dr B for your great support all through the Gastric band operation.

I have lost over 2 stones in 5 months without contributing much to exercise and healthy diet.

Due to my hectic lifestyle – very long hours in the office seating at the computer and family commitments, I was not able to take appropriate care of my diet and exercise regime and still I have been loosing weight.

I could have easily piled on those 2 stones by now if it was not for the gastric banding procedure.

I feel improvement in my condition – I experience less back pain and I feel more energetic.

I am in general more able to cope with everyday tasks at work and at home.

Thank you very much for your kind attitude and professional approach.

I will keep in touch in future to keep you updated on my progress.

I am joining a Gym from next month and plan to become more efficient with my diet.

Kind regards.


testimonial submitted on October 2013.

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