Gastric Band Surgery In France Testimonial from Lisa

A Gastric Band Testimonial from Lisa

I had my Gastric band Surgery on the 7th of May 2014

Thank you so much Tullia for organising my Gastric band operation and the outstanding care I have received.

When organising the gastric band operation and paying for it before I had seen anyone face to face I was a bit worried. But it felt right and I went ahead with it anyway, thankfully any questions I had Tullia would reassure me and inform me of what I needed to know. So my gastric band surgery operation was booked and the money was paid in full up front. We flew to France on Sunday the 4th of May (a day earlier then what people normally do) due to that day being the only day my partner and me could fly in Tullia organised the extra night staying at the hotel for me with no problems and I paid for the extra night to the hotel once I got there. So on the flight on Sunday I started to panic and wondering if someone was going to be there to pick us up, and” oh my god this is really happening”. Me and my partner arrived at the airport in Paris, and the mini bus driver was there waiting for us holding our names up so we knew where to go. We got on the mini bus and there were another couple in the mini bus with us (they didn’t get out at our hotel though) and it drove us to the hotel. The drive took just over 2 hours. Once we settled into the Novotel Hotel Tullia phoned to make sure I had arrived and to tell me when the taxi was coming to get me and my partner the next day to go to the hospital for my gastric band consultation. My partner and went for a wonder around in the shopping centre in Le Harve . We had dinner in one of the restaurant it was lovely and after went into the hotels hot tub, steam room and sauna. On the Monday 5th May we went down for breakfast which was very nice. The taxi wasn’t picking us up till 2.00pm so we caught the little train down to the beach and the Sea front. We strolled along the front and had an ice cream. Then went back to Hotel to wait for our taxi. There were two other couples waiting for their individual taxis too. On the way to the hospital I thought to myself what happens if the hospitals dirty or not a real hospital, but when arriving at the hospital and going inside it was spotless and modern and a proper hospital. Me and my partner and the other two couples got completely lost. There wasn’t anything written in English to tell us were to go so we asked staff and they took us from one part of the hospital to the other. Eventually we found where we were suppose to be. Dr B. was waiting for us and took me and my partner in first. He spoke very good English and explained what was going to happen and answer any questions I had for him about my Gastric band operation. After seeing him I had my pre administration checks done and bloods taken. Next I saw the anaesthetist and he told me what his part in my gastric band operation would be. Then we got the taxi back to the Hotel. We stayed in the bar for a while with the other two couples then went back down by the beach for dinner. On the Tuesday the 6th we our free day, we went to Paris and had an amazing day there. That night I stopped eating at 12.

Day of Gastric band operation 7th May.

I woke at 6.00am and was so nervous. The taxi picked me up at 6.30 and I was at the hospital by 7.00am. The other two couples were there and we all wished each other luck. I was taken to my private room it was spotless and there was a bed in there for my partner to stay over with me too which I was so happy about. The nurses were very nice and spoke some English, sometimes we got a bit confused but eventually we would understand what each other were saying. The carers handed me a towel, gown, flannel and some brown liquid soap, then they showed me to the shower room and told me to wash in the brown liquid from head to toe. After I had done that and was back in my room wrist bands were put on my wrists and all other paper work filled in. They checked my blood pressure and temperature and the nurse brought me a tablet to take to relax me before surgery. I didn’t have to wait long and I was taking down to theatre. All the staff said hello and were lovely, they assured me that everything was going to be ok. The anaesthetic was administrated and I drifted off. When I came around I did feel some pain and told the nurses and they upped my pain medication to make me feel comfortable. I was taken back to my room for a bit then down for an X-ray . Then for the rest of the hospital stay I slept or watched my laptop or spoke to my partner. I was feeling in pain and a bit sick and a strong pain in my shoulders but told the nurse and they kept topping up my meds to make me comfortable. Dr B. came to visit me in the morning and check my belly he taught me how to inject myself with the injections which I would have to take for the next few days. He then wished me well and after breakfast of black tea and a little bit of dry toast, a shower, my dressing changed and tablets given to me to take away with me I left the hospital and went to the hotel. I slept most of the day and night in the Hotel . Tullia had kindly ordered me some soup at 7pm. In the morning a nurse came to the Hotel to check my stitches and everything was going well. Then I was ready to fly home. Since being at home I’ve had a little bit of pain but not much. I get a pain in my left shoulder whilst eating, I have googled why this is happening and apparently it is normal if a person with a gastric band eats to much or to quick. (follow the gastric band Diet) Everything else is going well and I’m happy. Tullia has rung to check if I’m ok so the after care I have received is fantastic .

I had my first weighing and I’ve already lost nearly a stone in 2weeks.

I would highly recommend anyone having Affordable Gastric Band Surgery to have it done with this company. Thanks again Tullia From Lisa N *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person
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  1. well done Willma on the result you are seeong after your recent Gastric band surgery in France. keep up the good work and we wish you well in your weight loss journey.

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