A Gastric Bypass Testimonial review from Helene B

A Gastric ByPass Testimonial review from Helene B

Surgery: Gastric Bypass

Date of Surgery 28 October 2015

Hi There everyone.

I lost an Amazing 93 lbs in 9 months

Helen-B-before gastric sleeve surgery in France

Helene before gastric sleeve surgery

helen-B-after her gastric sleeve surgery in France

Helene 9 Month and 93 lbs lighter !!

I am so glad I let Tullia take control and ensure I would get the gastric bypass I needed. My weight was a battle which I lost many years ago after many failed diets. When I saw myself in my dreams, I was never heavy. When I woke up and saw myself in a mirror I could not recognize who I had become. I would not allow pictures to be taken of me, and ultimately I felt sad that there were very few pictures of me and my son. Thinking of the future I felt that my son and I would perhaps miss having pictures of us together. But worst, I realized that my future was going to become more and more limited if I didn’t make some lifestyle changes. Now, less than 10 months after my gastric Bypass surgery in France I can fit in any outfits off the rack, and I get to shop at any store on the high street.
Not only that, I can now go on the roller coasters with my son, (I was not able to close the belt on some and felt too self conscious to go on anyway) There is no limit to the activities I can do, alone or with my child whereas before, just sitting on the floor was a nightmare at the thought of how I’d get up, forget doing it in public !I can now eat what I like (within reason), best (or worst) I even fancy fruits and vegetables!

And we have plenty of pictures of us together, I even really enjoy taking selfies now!

I am happy and confident

With my thanks to Tullia Law and her Team of Surgeons, Nursing staff, and everyone from the Laser Clinic (France) Ltd team
Helene B Full name and details available on request. *”Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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