A Further (3rd) Updated Testimonial for Jackie D Mini Gastric ByPass

A Further Updated Testimonial for Jackie D Mini Gastric ByPass

An Important update in May 2015 from Jackie who had a Mini Gastric ByPass Surgery.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery date 3rd Sept 2014 Jackie has sent us “Just a quick update on her weight-loss.

I started at 106 kg(16.6 Stone) and after 8 Months I am now at 63 kg (9.9 stone)

Total Weight Loss in 8 Months is an amazing 43 kg (6.8 stone or 94 lbs.)

Jackie D Before Mini ByPassBefore my Mini Gastric Bypass surgery I was 106 kg ( 16.3 stone) Jackie D Mini ByPass Surgery in France 3 months later my weight is 82 kg ( 12.9 stone) jackie after 6 Months 6 Months later my weight is 68.5 kg (10.5 stone) Jackie D 8 Months after Mini gastric ByPass 8 Months Later my weight Loss is 43 Kg. I now weight only 9.9 stone
I am loving the difference having this mini gastric bypass has made, it is making to my life, being active where I used to just sit out of all the fun !! Jackie Enjoying a bit of the Sun whilst relaxing on Holiday
jackie_may_2105_2 jackie_may_2105_3
Because of these results after the excellent service and support you gave me it has completely changed my life. If you would like to see the other posts related to Jackies story please visit the Pages on the Links below https://gastricbandfrance.co.uk/news/jackie-lost-84-lbs-mini-gastric-bypass-france.html/ https://gastricbandfrance.co.uk/testimonials/mini-bypass-results-testimonial-surgery-france.html/ *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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