Gastric Band Testimonial from Heidi

A Gastric Band Surgery Testimonial from Heidi P

Operation date 21st August Weighed 17stone 7lbs or 111.13 Kgs It all started back in April and I had been on the diet programme called Alizone – The diet where you lose loads without surgery.

Well, I spent over £1,600 and lost only 14 lbs!

It did nothing for me, like all the other diets I have tried, and l really wanted to believe in it,. Many other women are waiting for a miracle: Well, l have just had my Miracle ! l must have read every story on You Tube, watching all the interviews, and I knew this was my time – So I went into “google” and put in a search for “gastric band surgery” and there were loads of results.   One stood out to me which was just across the water in France , and I knew that France have some of the best Doctors and Hospitals in Europe, and the price sounded great,  so I filled in the inquiry form on the website and emailed it off!… The next morning, while checking my mail, there was a reply – a very nice reply, and some details for me to go over and check the doctor out, the hospital,  and even the hotel,  all of which l did. I was very pleased and just needed to tell my partner Chris. I knew he wouldn’t be happy and not want me to go though with it. So that evening  I sat with Chris and explained everything,  showing him all the bits of footage that l had put on my desktop and from YouTube, plus all the paperwork that I had been sent by email from France. I explained to Chris how unhappy l was with myself and had been for many years, and if I did not do this now, I would be still moaning in twelve months time and regretting it . The Next day Tullia, from Laser Clinics (France) Ltd rang me giving me more detailed information and filling in more areas of concern that I had, and answered further questions as we discussed further aspects of the operation. It all appeared too good to be true. Tullia phoned me and then emailed me a choice of dates, which were in August, the end in fact, just before the bank holiday. I was so excited. l paid my deposit and l had decided to have the travel package which was being offered, so my total charges would be £3200.00, which l thought was fantastic. The months of June and half of July passed. Tullia gave me a follow up call just to remind me to pay the remaining balance, of which l did within 2 hours ….that’s it l thought, no turning back now… Just out of the blue l thought l would give one of the testimonials a call and her name was Gabriel – Gabby for short – we had a great chat and she told me how she had lost 7 a stone since October and how wonderful the service had been etc – I felt a thousand dollars and I couldn’t wait! I wanted to go now …not in 3 weeks …… Tuesday the 20th August arrived and l would be there tomorrow – my flight was 6.45 am on Wednesday the 21st August. l left home at 3.30am, drove myself to Liverpool airport, parked the car and off l went. I had never flown on my own before, butterflies in my tummy, but very calm, and the flight was on time. Within an hour, I was off the plane, through customs, and for one split minute l thought …no body will be there! WRONG…  they were waiting, card in hand, with my name in BIG letters, l think l split my mouth smiling so much. The guy took my bag and showed me to the people carrier, off we went ..the sun belting down on the beautiful green countryside, I could not believe that this was Paris .. There was another lady passenger who was French, so friendly, so pleasant  and when we stopped for a break, we sat and drank coffee. She was lovely and she gave me her email address, but l lost it, and I was so upset, as l would have liked to have kept in contact with her. When we stopped, we also picked up another English girl who was with her father and she was also having a gastric band operation. She had come from Manchester and missed us at the airport for whatever reason – but straight away assistance was at hand. Arrived!! Well what a beautiful hotel, very modern, and as you walked in, you were welcomed by very warm and friendly staff. The receptionist couldn’t do enough for us, she was fully aware of who we were and had all the information from Tullia, and said that our taxis would be with us by two o’clock. l got my key and went up stairs just to drop my case off and wash my face …….l walked into my room …WOW it was great, there was a huge bed, so clean and I was over the moon – better than l had expected …… Phone rang TAXI HERE !! Off l went to this huge hospital. l was so glad that l had taken the chauffeur package, l didn’t have to do a thing it was all in place. I got there and went through to reception, stated my name and they told me where to go – it was very easy and proceeded down the corridor to a waiting area, I gave them my name, and within minutes l was in the room with doctor B ….. He weighed me, took my height, sat me down and went through all the procedures. There was no turning back for me, we shook hands, and he said see you tomorrow with a very welcoming smile. l had nothing to fear or worry about at anytime. Next was the anesthetist and again a great guy who spoke of what would happen during the next day and reassured me that there was nothing to worry about. We then spoke about England, had a laugh, shook hands and both said ‘see you tomorrow’. Next port of call was with the nurses who were going to carry out my blood test…again so pleasant, so helpful, and all other tests were carried out including my heart monitor, and other remaining questions were answered.. I walked back to the front of the building down to where the taxi dropped me off and there waiting was the taxi to return me to the hotel . l spent the rest of the evening in my room and the following day was a day of leisure, which l spent going round window shopping, down to the beach and just relaxing. I spent the evening in my room again and had a nice evening meal – an omelette, salad and fries with ice cream to follow …wonderful ! Off to bed ,up at 6 o’clock as I had to be at hospital for 6.45am. Couldn’t sleep and phoned home very excited ….this is it, my next chapter of my life and the best one l have made – should have done this years ago …… Phone rings ..wake up call …showered and went down stairs to wait for taxi, the guy at the desk smiled ‘hi the taxi will be here any minute’ and he arrived and away we went. Holly ( (who was also having surgery) was sat in the taxi behind me, and when we arrived at the hospital he dropped us both off, we walked through to the ward where l had been given instructions to go and Holly followed.  The nurses were expecting us, and showed me to my room. The nurse asked me to sit down and said that someone would arrive shortly. A tall smiley nurse came into the room and asked me to remove my nail polish (something for you girls to remember) DON’T WEAR NAIL POLISH!…. l removed the polish and then she gave me a bottle of brown liquid and asked me to shower and use it to wash with. Afterwards, I put on the gown and returned back to my room … gosh my tummy was now turning upside down …! I had my shower and returned to my bed. Within minutes, two guys came through and took me to theater. This is it l thought, it’s going to happen – I’m not dreaming, I’m really here, I’m really going to be thin for Christmas and I am so looking forward to it .. Off we went, l didn’t say much, got down to the waiting area, the porter could speak good English as he had lived in England for a few years and went back regularly. He asked if l was ok and I chatted away as the doors opened into the theatre – the surgeons were all there, my tummy was making noises and doctor B came over and said ‘ are you ready and ok?’ Yes let’s do it. A drip was put in the back of my hand, my feet and my calfs were bandaged up. The anesthetist was behind him chatting with me and he asked if l was ok as it was time. He held my hand as he knew that l was rather scared and he told me to start counting – I could feel the anesthetic flowing into the drip at the back of my hand … the next thing l remember was being awake in my bedroom … I felt very tried and if l had been kicked by a horse. The next 12 hours came and went, of which I slept for most of them and the nursing staff were fantastic, they kept me topped up with my pain relief treatment, my fluid in my drip, checked my blood pressure, temperature and well being… Morning soon came, Doctor B came round and did his checks, looked me over and spoke with me. He said that he would come to the hotel the next morning to give me my injection to stop any blood clotting and also to check my wound. He asked me to go down to X-ray and afterwards it would be ok to go back to the hotel . A porter collected me and took me to the X-ray dept, to ensure that the gastric band was in the right position. The X-rays were given to me in order to take back to the ward . When l got back to the ward, the Doctor came back, and had a look at the X-rays and gave them back to me, along with my first ‘fill needle’ and said l would need to take them with me on the first ‘fill’ which Tullia would give me the name of the doctor who l should contact when l got home. I was now ready to go to the hotel and the hospital staff ordered a taxi. The doctor would see me tomorrow. I got dressed, thanked everyone and made my way to where the taxi picked us up two days earlier and within ten minutes the taxi arrived. Back at the hotel, the staff at the desk asked if l was ok and if l needed anything just to call down. Got to my room undressed and got into bed ….. Hours passed . I woke to the sound of the phone ringing it was Tullia just asking if l was ok and if there was anything she could do. She had ordered some soup and yogurt for my tea and advised me to try and eat some, but to take it easy. I said goodbye and returned to bed. I wanted to sleep as much as possible, l had always been told that you heal while you are asleep…… Woke up, took a shower – still felt like a horse had kicked me , but what else could l expect ?? .. I had just had gastric band surgery !!! Knock at the door, it was my dinner which Tullia had kindly ordered for me – The soup was yummy and so was the yogurt. But I could only eat a few mouthfuls. Again the phone rang, it was Tullia just checking that all was OK and reminding me that Doctor B would be there at 9am in the morning.  We said goodnight and l returned to bed . I woke up at 8am, had a shower and was a bit nervous about Doctor B coming and giving me injections and also the fact that I had to inject myself when I got home – but he was great and I felt easier about what I had to do.  A knock came at the door, and he arrived on the dot – ‘ morning how are you?….Sore l replied …’You will be’ he replied as he got the injections out.  l told him that I was worried about the injections.  He reassured me that all would be fine and he held some of my stomach flesh in his hand and before l knew it, the injection was done! I didn’t even feel it. We spoke about being careful of what I should eat and what happens if anything got stuck etc. We shook hands and l thanked him for changing my life, we both smiled and said goodbye. Tuilla rang about 30 minutes later to tell me that the taxi would pick me up at 12 noon for the airport.
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  (To be continued)….. From Heidi P (Full Name and Address Supplied) *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person
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Gastric Band France Testimonial from R Haseldine

An Unsolicited Testimonial for Gastric Band Surgery In France

From R Haseldine

Gastric Band Surgery Date 17th April 2013 For about 20 yrs now I have struggled with my weight and over the last year I have put on even more weight. About 2 yrs ago I was about 17 stone and by March 2013 I went up to 19 stone as I am now a wagon driver. I’ve tried most diets going, and I could not stick to them as many people cant, they are hard as you all may know. I had heard of a gastric band and thought what the hell, I want to lose weight and be a lot slimmer like I used to be when I was in my 20’s. In Those days I looked good, felt good and was never out of breath not like I am now. I searched on the internet for gastric band and French Cosmetic Surgery came up as well as others. I compared the prices and saw that its cheaper in France then anywhere else. I phoned up the number from the Website and spoke to a Lady who seemed very nice. I told her about myself and what I do for a living. After a few conversations, in which she called me each time, I ended up paying
her around £3000 to Book my gastric band surgery date. Yes I was a little worried as I have never done this before. However the Lady phoned me back to confirm everything. I booked ferry ticket to Le Harvre and arrived on the 14th april 2013. I was little apprehensive as I went to the hotel and asked at reception if there was a reservation in my name, (I thought if it wasnt then I would have beed duped), but yes, there was a room in my name. The lady called me at the hotel to see if I had arrived there OK and to explain what would happen over the next few days, and basically it all happened as she said it would. I went to the hospital where I met the gastric band surgeon who was very nice and spoke better English then me. My stay in hospital was on wednesday 17th April and the operation done early that morning the Dr’s and Nurses were all fantastic people, very polite and considerate and really did look after me. After the gastric Band Surgery Operation I went back to the Hotel mid afternoon on the 18th, where again all the hotel staff were fantastic. I rested there and Friday I caught the Ferry back home. The lady I am talking about is called TULLIA, who really did sort things out for me. She is lovely speaking
and caring and will always phone you and make sure things are ok. I will add some pictures as soon as I can, I dont look 19 stone but I can assure you that I was. At the moment I am now 18 stone so in 2 weeks I have lost a Stone in Weight. I can feel it and see it in me. I am ashamed to have to buy 42 inch waist trousers now and I need to try to go down to 34 or 36 inch waists. No More 3XL shirts and jumpers for me !! I am going to do this for myself and my health. LOL TULLIA, many thanks, and I’ll be in touch soon. Lots of love Robert Haseldine. PS. If you are in England and are reading this and would like to talk to me on my mobile Phone I will be more than happy to talk about my GASTRIC BAND in France.   *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person