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Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

Patients who attend our Hospitals and Clinics for weight Loss and Cosmetic Surgery typically succeed because:-

  1. Our bariatric surgeons expertise and Qualifications
  2. Our weight loss surgery aftercare specialist are qualified in bariatric surgery aftercare. 
  3. The weight loss diet plans and lifestyle plans we provide are designed specifically to ensure consistent results following surgery.

Typically over 99% of Bariatric surgery patients Worldwide achieve weight loss following bariatric surgery, however there is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary depending on your personal lifestyle, your general health and you willingness to follow the instructions given to you following surgery.

All of the people providing Testimonials on this website can be verified and have given the testimonial freely, without reward, or coercion of any kind. A contact list* of people who have submitted testimonials to “Laser Clinic (France) Ltd for publication on this website is provided to all of our prospective clients as a matter of course. Furthermore, we encourage all of our prospects to contact any of the listed contacts in person to verify the results and be assured of the quality of our services.

Results for any weight loss surgery are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient depending on many factors. Following surgery each patient of Laser Clinic (France) Ltd. is given a diet plan and a lifestyle plan which they are strongly advised to follow after any bariatric surgery procedure. Failure to follow these recommendation may result in poor or ineffectual results.

Tullia Law
Senior Coordinator


*PS. Personal details of people who have provided testimonials are not displayed publicly due to UK Data protection regulations.

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