The Three Types of Bariatric Surgery

Most Common Types of Bariatric surgery Surgery

Regrettably obesity has proven to be an exceedingly challenging condition to deal with and surgical interventions are becoming more commonly acceptable as time goes on. Numerous people are seeking answers to questions about the various types of weight loss surgeries. the article compares and analyses Information about the three most common types of weight loss surgery which has been discovered from various sources including that from medical websites, YouTube, and from testimonials from people who have undergone bariatric surgery procedures recently.

So, what is bariatric surgery?

Baros is a Greek word for weight so not surprisingly we in the Western World have adapted and used the term “bariatric surgery” as the generic term for weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery process is broadly speaking performed on severely obese persons who have in the past attempted and been unsuccessful in their weight loss and efforts.

In order to be eligible for bariatric surgery you need to meet one of two weight criteria.

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The first is you must have severe or morbid obesity. The recognised rule of thumb for severe obesity is if you can demonstrate having a Body Mass Index or BMI of more than 40. To ascertain your BMI you divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres. Or you can easily determine your BMI by visiting a website which has a BMI calculator installed which you can use. The second standard recommendation before qualifying for a bariatric surgical procedure is having a BMI of over 35 with an associated medical condition related to obesity such as for example diabetes types 1 or the more common diabetes type 2, high blood pressure or high blood fat levels like cholesterol.

There are three types of bariatric surgery:

1. Gastric band surgery

The first type, and nowadays the most commonly used in Europe because of the cost advantage related to the actual surgery and aftercare, uses devices to reduce the size of the stomach. An example would be an adjustable lap band, more commonly referred to as a gastric band.

2. Gastric Bypass Surgery

The second type of bariatric procedure are gastric bypasses which basically bypass areas of the stomach effectively reducing its size. There are also two sub types of gastric bypass surgery which are know as a full bypass “Roux-en-y” or the second being an “Omega Loop” mini bypass.
The Third type of Bariatric surgeries which removes a portion of the stomach more commonly know as gastric sleeve surgery.

3. Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve surgery necessitates restricting the lateral two-thirds (>~60%) of the stomach with a stapling device. The procedure is usually carried out using keyhole surgery techniques. The remaining portion of the stomach is more like a tube or ‘sleeve’ than a sac. It is estimated that the remaining stomach has about a 200ml capacity. This represents a significantly reduced stomach capacity and would only allow an entrée sizes meal. The gastric sleeve procedure is ‘restrictive’ as opposed to ‘malabsorptive’. This means that it restricts the amount of food you can consume. There is reduced surface area of stomach lining as a result of the surgery so not only do you need to eat less, you need to chew well. Chewing your food well maximizes the absorption of what you do eat. Poorly chewed food will cause discomfort and just pass through and be eliminated by the bowel. Being able to eat much smaller portions means that what you do eat must be of a high nutrient value. The gastric sleeve procedure originated as the first part of a duodenal switch surgery in people with severe obesity. The gastric sleeve allowed enough weight loss in these high risk clients to permit the second surgery.

Bariatric surgery cost

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Our Price Our Price In France
Typical UK Price
Gastric band Surgery
From £ 3,000
£ 6,950
Gastric By-Pass
or Mini Bypass
From £ 5500
£ 11,000
Gastric Sleeve
From £ 5500
£ 10,000

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