The Long Term Benefits of Gastric Band Surgery

New Study on the Benefits of Gastric Band Surgery.

A New study has discovered that people who undo gastric band surgery for Obesity lose lots of weight, but the biggest benefit is that they also gain the prospect of adding many happy years to their lifespan.

The Research was carried out in a study by Annals of Surgery

This is the first study observing the impact of bariatric New Study on the Benefits of Gastric Band Surgery. or benefits of gastric Bypass surgery surgery on the life expectancy of people who had type 2 diabestes. The study was based on Data from 159,000 severley obese men and women with diabetes. In the study results it clearly demonstated that people who had undertaken gastric band surgery or gastric Bypass surgery increased their longevity. As an example of the results, Doctors quoted that a Lady of 45 with diabetes and a BMI of 45 could reasonably expect to increase her life expectancy by an additional 6.7 Years following bariatric gastric band surgery or gastric Bypass surgery. This is a estimated that her life expectacy would now mean she could possibly live well in to her late 70 or 80’s compared to her previous life expectance extending only in to her 60’s.

However the report also has a warning to the “Super Obese”.

In the case of patients in the “Super Obese” category which is designated as those with a BMI of over 62, the research discoverd that in these extreme case that the Life expectance actually decreased following surgery. The reasons for this were not clearly stated in the study but it is assumed that the due to the effects of the surgery and other underlying health problems related to the diabets and general issues of being grossly overweight.

NHS Gastric Band Criteria

In the UK bariatric gastric band surgery or gastric Bypass surgery is only available to people with potentially life threatening Obesity, and only then when other treatments such as lifestyle changes have failed, and been proved to be not sufficiently effective to establish a continual and effective method in the future. Life threatening Obesity is defined in the NHS Gastric Band Criteria as patients with a BMI of over 40 or a BMI of over 35 and problems linked with another serious health condition.

Affordable Gastric Band availablity:-

In the UK Gastric band surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery and Gastric Sleeve is quite expensive and out of the reach many people. As an example, in the UK the average gastric band cost is approximately £6,950. However we found that it is possible to have a gastric band fitted at one of the Largest French ( French NHS) Hospitals in Le-Havre in Northern France for as Little as only £3000. With easy access to the Hospital from most areas of the UK and Ireland by Air, Road/Ferry or Eurostar it is possible to save almost £3000 even taking in to account the cost of the travel. The company offers a complete package, including all Hospital Fees, 4 star B&B Hotel fees, Surgeons and aneathetists fees and Taxi transfers from the ferry Terminal or Airport, plus Taxis to and from the Hospital before and after the surgery. To Find out More about this and other packages for Gastric Bypass Surgery, and Benefits of Gastric Sleeve surgery fill in the NO OBLIGATION form below or Call 0033 686567031 to speak to someone in complete confidence with No Obligation.
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