How Much Is Gastric Band Surgery ?

How Much is Gastric Band Surgery How much is Gastric Band Surgery in France ? The cost of Lap band surgery in the UK and Ireland is now beyond the reach of most people. The average price in the UK and Ireland is well over £8500 at most private Hospital and Clinics. The NHS in the UK have also recently cut down on the number gastric lap bands operations which they perform due to the recent cut backs to Hospitals Budgets. What makes matters worse for the general public is that it is now very much a lottery as to who qualifies for adjustable lap band surgery depending on where you live in the UK. Since the re-organisation of the NHS under the current government the new Commissioning bodies are being very slow at prioritising surgery, with many of these bodies still being in state of flux. In many areas Obesity surgery will only be done when peoples quality of Life is so limited that person who is extremely obese is virtually bedriden due to the restriction of movement they are experiencing. By this time most of these people will aready be suffering from other related illnesses such as diabetes and hypertention or severe Heart disease which is also a debilitating condition in its own right. Common sense does not seem to come in to the equasion. Surely it would save the NHS many thousands of pounds to treat people who are grossly overwieght before they get in to this situation. The cost of treatment for all of these related conditions is very expensive over time, and it would cost the NHS far less if treatment or help for obese people was given before everything starts to descend in to an ever decreasing spiral of health problems and mobility problems. Comparing costs of gastic band surgery in the UK to the cost of gastric band surgery in France the savings are considerate. Even if you take in to account the cost of travelling to a Hospital we checked out in Le Harve in Northern France. Bariatric Surgery is available at short notice for as little as £3000 which also includes the cost of the consultaions, the Aneathetist, Blood tests, Xrays, 1 night in the hospital in a Private room, and 2 nights in a nearlby Hotel. The cost of travel to France from many areas of the South of England is less than £100.
Our Price Our Price In France
Typical UK Price
Gastric band Surgery
From £ 3,000
£ 6,950
Gastric By Pass
From £ 5450
£ 11,000
Gastric Sleeve
From £ 5350
£ 10,000
The New NHS commissioning Bodies could save many thousands of pounds if they would only take the time make the enquiries themselves. It takes minutes to do a google search for “gastric band surgery France” where you will find a website for a hospital in France offering many types of Bariatric and gastric band surgery for less than £3000. We can only Hope that eventually someone responsible for commissioning takes the time to do the same search !! BlogHeader1
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