He lost weight because he had a dream

From as early as he could remember, David  faced problems and he always aspired to shed weight easily. He seriously considered being a footballer but each and every time he kicked a ball, everybody from fellow players and fans would laugh. He desired to break into first-eleven team, but one day his school coach told him blatantly that as a consequence of his weight, he’d never achieve his dreams. As he got older, David faced more challenges. He realized that everything has not been made for obese people. Eventually, he desired to take a public transportation mean but was told that heneeded to pay double, or otherwise not to travel with that particular bus. This particular incidence opened wide his eyes. He returned to his house and realized that besides societal challenges obese people faced, he was also facing health problems like metabolic syndrome, heart problems and cancer, snoring among all sorts of others. He took paper and pen and said that he wanted to 20 lbs in Read more…

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