Gastric Sleeve Surgery Testimonial from Imtiaz Shah

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France Testimonial from Imtiaz Shah
Gastric Sleeve Surgery Date 25th June 2014
Hi everyone,

After researching high and low on the Internet about Gastric Sleeve operation I decided to go with Laser Clinics (France) Ltd.

After visiting the their website and filling in the request for information form which is on each page of the website, I was contacted by a very nice Lady called Tullia, she was very knowledgeable and helped me through every step of the journey offering advice and information whenever I needed it, and she (Tullia) continues to do so even after returning to the UK.

I had my surgery in France, Le Havre on the 25th June 2014 when I weighed in at 23st and 6lb !!!!! (328lbs)

Today 19th September which is approximately 3 Months later I am down to 18st 11lb  (263) and still losing weight

I have Lost an amazing 4st 9lb (65lbs) in three Months !!
I am truly amazed at the results, my health is so much better and I feel like a new person.

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*“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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