According to research, tons of people everyday look up the internet on ways they can lose weight. Many options are always availed to them, some which include exercising, dieting, surgery, among many others. Gastric Bypass surgery is now one of the many methods that people take up to shed some extra weight. This method usually works by dividing the stomach in two sections. A small upper section and a larger lower section the small intestine is then structured in a way that it can connect to the two sections. The gastric Bypass is usually seen to be quite effective especially in obesity cases.Gastric banding is another technique used for weight loss. It is quite similar to the Gastric bypass surgery. A silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, which in turn squeezes the stomach muscles making it just one inch wide. This ensures that the stomach only holds a small amount of food usually equivalent to an ounce. The silicone band also contains a plastic tube that can be injected with saline hence making the band tighter. As a user of the band, you can choose to tighten or loosen the band depending on how much weight you want to lose.Qualifications for weight loss surgery

Before you decide it is time to undergo the gastric Bypass surgery you must meet some certain requirements. Body Mass Index also known as BMI refers to your weight to height ratio. This can be simply calculated by dividing your weight by your height. The results you get can be a perfect indicator if you really need to undergo the weight loss surgery. For instance, if you find your BMI is 35 or more this could be an indicator of a severe obese condition and qualifies you for surgery.
  • You have tried out other weight loss techniques with no success.
If you suffer from obesity, you may have tried several weight loss methods but observed little to no change. Then surgery could be the way for you to go although it is important to remember that your doctor or surgeon may need to have some proof that you have previously tried to lose weight using other methods but have not being successful.
  • Determination is key
For you to qualify, you need to remember that even after the surgery you still need to work hard at keeping your body fit and in shape. You must be determined to lose weight before undergoing the procedure and also be willing to follow up with any medical procedures and dietary obligations.
  • Health issues
If you are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure that are as a result of you being overweight then you could be a candidate for the weight loss surgery.
  • Pregnant patients are advised not to go through the surgery until after delivery.
  • Most medics recommend that one is at least 18 years old before going through with any of the procedures.
GASTRIC BYPASS VS GASTRIC BAND PROS AND CONS Gastric Bypass surgery in FranceGastric Bypass surgery cons
  • Gastric Bypass surgery puts you at a risk of your stomach stretching overtime making it stretch back to its original size.
  • The stomach contents may also leak to the abdomen area. It is worth noting that the stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which may burn other body organs.
  • Dumping syndrome where by the stomach contents move too rapidly is also another con for the gastric surgery. One is bound to experience symptoms such as nausea and excessive sweating.
  • Gallstones is also quite common among people who have undergone the surgery. Usually forms when cholesterol and other elements found in the bile form stones. One will experience a lot of pain in the stomach region this can be treated with painkillers but when severe the doctors usually recommend the removal of the gall bladder.
  • In some cases the complication that results from the surgery can cause death among the patients. According to research conducted 1 out of every 400 people die as a result of the complications.
  • The surgery is also known to cause nutritional deficiencies such as anaemia due to the lack of iron and other Vitamins.
Gastric Bypass pros
  • One of the great advantages of gastric Bypass surgery is the fact that you can shed a lot of weight in a short time. According to medics, the procedure guarantees that you lose up to 60% of your initial body weight.
  • You also greatly reduce or completely do away with diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes that are brought about by being overweight. If you did not have any of them, your chances of developing them are reduced.
  • One also gets to live a happier, healthier life. Weight loss surgery also boosts confidence among the patients.
Gastric band surgery cost less in FranceGastric Band pros
  • Gastric banding is considered to be much more safe than most of other weight loss surgeries this includes the Gastric Bypass surgery.
  • The death risk are also quite low it is estimated 1 to 2000 have died as a result of gastric banding.
  • You also get to lose a significant amount of weight about 47% of your original weight.
  • You can adjust the band to what suits you best.
Gastric Band Cons
  • One may experience nausea and vomiting due to the tightness of the band.
  • Wound infections and minor bleeding can also occur.
  • The band may also slip causing expansion of the stomach.
  • Infections may occur in the abdomen making the band shift from its initial position this normally requires a re-operation.
Pre-Operation Care
  • Consult your doctor to find out if they are any dietary requirements before the procedure. Most doctors will ask the patient to stop taking certain medicines such as aspirin at least one week before the surgery.
  • It is also important not to start taking any other medications before consulting your doctor.
  • One might also need to take laxatives to clear the region in the intestines.
  • It is recommended that one takes a light meal the night before the surgery. The patient is also advised not to eat any meals or drinks after midnight
Post-Operation Care
  • It is essential that you keep healthy even after the surgery.
  • You may be required to be out of your normal work schedule for about one month just to give your wound some time to heal completely.
  • You are also required to only do some light chores during the first two weeks after the surgery.
  • You will need to visit the doctor frequently to check on your progress. The doctors will give appointments for this.
  • As for the type of foods you eat, they should be balanced nutritionally. Avoid foods with excess fats and too much cholesterol. Important to note is that for the first one month after surgery you cannot eat solid foods the food needs to be pureed. When you start eating solid foods, ensure you chew the food properly and slowly to avoid pain in the abdomen region and vomiting.
  • Doctors usually provide painkillers in case of any pains.
  • After the healing process is over, ensure that you embark on a healthy regimen and you keep healthy and fit.
Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Band

These two methods are known to efficiently help you lose weight. As listed above they both have their pros and cons. Gastric Band complications tends to be a notch lower than the ones that results from the gastric Bypass surgery. On the other hand, a patient who goes for the gastric Bypass surgery loses more weight in a shorter time than the one who goes for Gastric Band surgery. Both procedures have their pros and cons before choosing what to go for it is important to weigh out which one would be more beneficial to you.


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