Gastric Band Surgery, Is it the Best Option Weight Loss Plan?

Geoff Lord Internet marketing Manger

Geoff Lord Internet marketing Manger

Gastric Band Surgery Options

By Geoff Lord, Webmaster and Internet Marketing Manager

In a recent report it was stated that a number of high-profile celebrities, from TV weatherman Al Roker, to American Idol’s Randy Jackson made headlines as a result of undergoing weight loss surgery. Supporters of surgery such as gastric band surgery and stomach stapling say that this type of surgery offers hope for many people who seem unable to lose weight in any other way. They maintain that it is extremely difficult to lose 50 or more pounds without gastric band surgery and stomach stapling surgical intervention. Critics, however, maintain that surgery, especially stomach stapling, which many experts suggest may be a risky business and should be approached with the utmost caution. They also worry that this type of surgery is a drastic quick fix method which does not help to resolve an individuals problem dealing with amount of food they eat, which has caused them to become obese in the first place.

You may also wonder under what conditions gastric band surgery would be recommended.

Generally speaking, gastric band surgery and stomach stapling is only an option for those who have suffered from obesity for a protracted period of time (usually many years), who have a body mass index or BMI of more than 35, and whose lives could be shortened because of their excessive weight gain. Also, gastric band surgery and stomach stapling is usually limited to those who have already reached adulthood and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 21 except in extremely rare circumstances. Conversely, you would not be a candidate for gastric banding surgery or stomach stapling if you have been severely overweight for only a short period of time, or if you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, or you have been diagnosed with certain mental illnesses. In other words, you need to be fully cognizant and have a detailed understanding of the reasons which caused your obesity. Geoff Lord is the Sales Director and webmaster several website’s specialising in Affordable Gastric Band Surgery. This Website Also contains a handy BMI calculator where you can check your own BMI, and he invites you to visit his extensive website’s which he packs full of useful information, because he firmly believes that it is important to provide sufficient information to enable his website visitors to make decisions based on sound advice and information. Geoff is also the Webmaster for Laser Clinics (France) Ltd who manages several websites for the Company from his Offices in Florida and Manchester UK. The main sites are and Medicare-Cosmetic and you are invited to visit these websites which contain details about all types of Weight loss surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. You will find the websites also contain a vast amount of useful Information on all types of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Article Source:

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